Introducing PESTCAM

Finding termites can be difficult, yet knowing where they are located is important when deciding on the correct eradication programme. Having mere surface knowledge of the susceptible places of termites' infestations is sometimes akin to locating a needle in a haystack. The traditional method is to tap on the wood with the back of screwdriver, or to poke holes in walls or even pull them apart. Prospective customers are often rebuffed by this messy method which often cause unsightly damages to their aesthetic furnishings.
It is vital for professional pest controllers to detect the source of infestation, in order to provide a viable treatment which again is similar to a doctor treating the symptoms rather than the exact source of ailment. Although here are now some new technologies that aid termite detection, using moisture meters, sound or even microwaves, but none of these offers the advantages and precision of thermal imaging.
Thermal Imaging (PESTCAM) offers a new unique and high technology detection system that is quick, effective, hassle less and does not require any probing and with least intrusion to houses.
How PESTCAM detect termites.
Termites are cold-blooded, so how can they generate heat for infra red equipment to detect?
Thanks to the bacteria which live in their guts. Termites get their food by eating timber base products, which contain mainly of cellulose. And these bacteria help break down and digest cellulose. It is this digestion and chemical reaction that generates heat. When large numbers of termites in nests converge together, there is a lot of heat concentrated and generated in one place. These heat eventually are transmitted through the walls or floor of a building and it is this thermal pattern that can be detected with our PESTCAM (see photo below).
Our Managing Director Ang Tan Loong conducting TRAINING CUM INSPECTION at a highly infested site with PESTCAM
Advantages of PESTCAM
  1. Fast and effective
  2. Accurate and precise location
  3. Able to scan all areas, walls, floor, ceiling etc. with ease.
Additional usage.
Rodents and other warm blooded pests' nests within walls, crawl spaces, garden burrows or in attics are an additional problem for property owners. The PESTCAM is a great assistance in locating them. Rodents' harborages or burrows can be detected without much fuss using this proven technology.
A full report will be detailed to you and Stopest will advise you on the full range of our termites' and pests' solutions available at the most affordable charges!