Our Motto and what our name stands for:


Our primary principle of Pest management or control is analogous to Security management of our very own properties. We have the 1st line of defense which is your perimeter gate, the second line of defense will be our doors and windows grill plus locks and to those who can afford, an alarm system and lastly the third line of defense against burglars, thieves and intruders will be your safe deposit boxes in the event they managed to break into your properties. All these defenses against uninvited guests provide us a sense of security even though it may not be 100% fool-proofed. Such line of defenses offers us peace of mind. This is precisely the standard that we have set before us and our utmost interest is that our clients are afforded such kind of security when we penned our agreement with them. We, through consultations with our clients or prospects, are not merely acting as service providers, we too strive to offer viable solutions and advice to them on our latest technologies of long term prevention and protection.


Director, incidentally the President of the Pest Control Association of Malaysia since 2003, has traveled extensively to many parts of the world not only to procure new technologies but also to share his expertise with them. Our latest purchase of Thermal Imaging cameras to detect termites is proof of our desire to position ourselves in this industry. Furthermore, these are evident by the many invitations he received to speak in many pest and fumigation conferences. (http://www.stopest.com.my/140507.pdf) He is an accredited trainer by the Ministry of Health and has delivered various papers on HACCP or hazard analysis on critical control points in the food handling and on fumigation. Our technicians and service advisors are constantly taught such courses to upgrade their technical knowledge of Integrated Pest Management or IPM and impart our knowledge to our clients.


Conventionally, many of our methods in pest control are actually outdated and obsolete and the unassuming public is sometimes made to believe the gospel truth on whatever their PCOs (Dengue Control) thrust to them during their rounds of routine operations. But the drastic paradigm shift had caught many PCOs unaware and by surprise in the sense that with the advent of IT, the public are educated and can assessed information by the click of a mouse, which unfortunately or fortunately motivates us to overhaul our control and operating systems to keep in touch with our customers whenever the need arises. For example, rotations of pesticides are vital in order to prevent pest from accumulating resistance.


The maxim, prevention is better than cure ever holds true even in our pest control industry, in the sense that we discuss and deliberate issues pertaining to the 1st line of defense that is your area along the outside perimeter of a property. As mentioned above on security, this particular line requires the clients to understand the habitats of pests and their environment. Inspections are intensively carried by our trained technicians and service advisors on the best options before an operation or treatment schedule is proposed to our clients. Are there water receptacles for breeding mosquitoes? Openings, cracks or cavities big enough for rodents to enter your property? Are rodents harboring beneath cracks of drains or sewages?.


Once strategic potential points of prevention are identified, we will propose to our prospective clients on the methods of elimination. Openings, or cracks are sealed off and possible points of entry will be eliminated too. Our services are always two fold, one of consultation and treatments. We do not over promise our clients with remarks like no problem, tutup mata saja and so forth. We require co-operation and remedial actions from our customers in order the pest control program is a success. Just as a medical specialist will advise you on the ill effects of surgery, we too will advise you accordingly to approved methods and pesticides available in the market.


Pests breed and thrive abundantly where sources of food and water are indiscriminately rampant. In this respect, our clients are educated through our emails and websites on basic sanitation to discourage breeding of pests and thereby limiting their growth patterns. Just as in a cleaning job, proper disposal bins are a must and hygiene a necessity. Our strategy is simple: Reduction of food and water means reduction of pests.


Last but nonetheless the least, treatment is our last and ultimate weapon against war on pests! As in war, strategic planning and our system of objectives are necessary to ensure our clients a tranquil peace of mind that befits our tagline "You'll sleep better when your Pests sleep forever!" Our foundation of establishment since 1991 speaks volumes of our tenacity, perseverance and endurance as we endeavor to excel in this specialty of ours despite the onslaught of newcomers' competition, consumer and global changes of behavior!