(Thank you for asking who is Ang Tan Loong)
Name : Mr. Ang Tan Loong
Professional certification :
Licensed Fumigator by Ministry of Health since 1994 and accredited Fumigator by MAFAS.
Pioneer and Chartered Member of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia since its inception in Aug.1994. (PCAM)
President of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia from 2003 - 2011.
Organizing Chairman for "Global Innovations and Modern Techniques For Urban Pest managers Convention 2003"
Organizing Chairman for "Malaysia Pest Control International Convention And Exhibition 2001"
Advisor to Pest Summit 06 held in Singapore.
Certified Trainer By Pesticides Board, Malaysia for Pest Control Operator Rules Pesticides Act 1974.
Invited Speaker To Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. (AQIS)
Managing Director Of Stopest (M) Sdn Bhd


Member of The Federation of Asia Oceania Pest Management Association. (FAOPMA).
Member of PEMADAM.
Member of the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM)
Certified trainer for Fumigation Licence by Kementerian Kesihatan.
Co-Founder and Chairman of New Creation Home, a registered private drug rehabilitation center located in Jln. Pahang K. Lumpur since 1991.
Invited speaker for AFAS symposium in Jakarta April 07
Invited Speaker on Food Hygiene by Kementerian Kesihatan
A powerful principle of Tan Loong, as he is affectionately addressed by friends and associates, is that “service above self”. With this principle and philosophy, he avails much of his time and tireless commitment to upgrade the pest control and fumigation industries.

He was one of the pioneer founders and Chartered Member of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia (PCAM) and was elected the Vice President since its inception in 1994. In 2003, he was nominated unopposed and elected President for his dedication and love for the industry. In the recent elections held in April 07, he was again returned unopposed and given the mandate to lead PCAM for another term. Incidentally, he is the longest serving member in PCAM's council, having dedicated his services for more than 14 years to this Association.

His immense contributions to this industry were vividly evident in 2 major international conventions of which he was the Organizing Chairman.
The Sept. 2003 convention was a triumphant one, as it was a joint convention with Singapore Pest Management Association with Malaysia playing the leading role in organization and was attended by over 350 delegates from 19 countries. The culmination of this joint ventured convention was, leading other ASEAN countries to join in the fray. So much so that in 2006, he was appointed an Honorary Advisor to the Singapore Pest Summit 2006 and Thailand Pest Summit 08.
His contribution was much recognized by the international sphere especially on fumigation and was invited by AQIS to deliver a working paper on the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme in Jakarta in April 07.

His social obligations extends to being the co-founder and Chairman of a registered private drug rehabilitation center called New Creation Home located in Jln. Pahang Kuala Lumpur, catering to the destitute and hardcore addicts since 1991. Incidentally this center was the 1st in Malaysia to cater for HIV patients as well. Way back in the early 90's where HIV was detected, many people who were unsure of how HIV was spread, shunned from HIV patients but yet this man together with one Pastor Raymond Yap risked their lives and families to prove to Malaysians that living with these patients will not pose any medical infections of HIV. His love for these unfortunate people was best exemplified by the many testimonies of these HIV patients while even on their death beds!
Due to tireless efforts, many private rehab centers eventually follow suit and began to cater for such patients afflicted with HIV.

His pivotal roles there now are mainly in financial matters, counseling and job placements for these inmates including employing them in his own group of companies. His small contributions to society in this arena was highlighted in the Star papers some years back and many readers were astounded by this transformed man who sacrificially gave up his invaluable time to help out these drug addicts and people living with HIV.