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Our company is a partnership enterprise formed on the 2nd of January 1991, with the commitment of giving our best services and satisfaction to our clients and the pest control industry.

Our principal business is the provision of services for the control of harmful, destructive and damaging pests to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.
A powerful principle of Tan Loong, as he is affectionately addressed by friends and associates, is that “service above self”. With this principle and philosophy, he avails much of his time and tireless commitment to upgrade the pest control and fumigation industries.

He was one of the pioneer founders and Chartered Member of The Pest Control Association Of Malaysia (PCAM) and was elected the Vice President since its inception in 1994. In 2003, he was nominated unopposed and elected President for his dedication and love for the industry. In total he had served as President for a unbroken record of 8 years. Incidentally, he is the longest serving member in PCAM's council, having dedicated his services for more than 17 years to this Association. He is now the President of FOSEAF (Federation of South East Asia Fumigators).
Syarikat kami pada mulanya adalah sebuah perkongsian yang ditubuhkan pada 2 Januari 1991 dengan komitmen untuk memberikan servis yang terbaik kepada pelanggan dan juga industri. Seterusnya, pada 18 Februari 1997, perusahaan ini diperbadankan kepada sebuah syarikat sendirian berhad dengan nama Stopest (M) Sdn Bhd.

Perniagaan utama adalah untuk menyediakan perkhidmatan kawalan makhluk perosak untuk syarikat komersial, industri dan kediaman. Perkhidmatan yang diberikan adalah bagi mengawal bahaya, kerosakan dan kemusnahan yang diakibatkan oleh makhluk perosak.

Kami juga memberikan perkhidmatan kawalan makhluk perosak atau lebih dikenali sebagai fumigasi/Pewasapan kepada pengeksport di bawah “Malaysian Accredited Fumigation Scheme (MAFAS)”, kapal terbang dan kapal di mana kaedah kawalan makhluk perosak yang biasa tidak berkesan.

12 December 2019

From a Pest to Pest Controller

10 October 2015

2015年10月10日 - 疑防洪池工程毀蟲巢‧蟲蟲夜晚襲住家 - 大都會 - 地方

20 July 2015

AFAS through the years: From Implementation To Now by Ang Tan Loong - NZ Government

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Air India Finds Rat on Flight - The Wall Street Journal

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FOSEAF invitation Letter by Australian Government

9 October 2013

Get those rats! Varsity to get expert help to fight mice menace - The Star

8 October 2013

Hospital Tidak Mampu Hentikan Serangan Tikus
Hospital unable to stop rat invasion, Pests come in through pipes and burrow into building - The Star

18 May 2013

Appointment as the President of Federation Of South East Asia Fumigators (FOSEAF)

8 June 2011

Radio Business Talk: Our Managing Director on air with Freda Liu of BFM 89.9

25 May 2011

Many realise when it is too late
Termites build nests below the ground to move from house to house

14 August 2009

Dengue just as scary as H1N1

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Illegal foggers spread to KL
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30 June 2009

Illegal fogging danger

28 December 2008

Stopest sues Local Council
大马害虫控制协会 指证7公司无杀虫执照
Invitation to present at the Australian Fumigation Accreditation Scheme (AFAS) Symposium.
Bedbugs: A pandemic soon in Malaysia?
Video of Polti Cimex Eradicator :

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